Elesa & Ganter Products

Collaboration to deliver the best in European design. 

Designing and manufacturing technical solutions for the mechanical industry.

With parent companies in Italy and Germany, Elesa deliver the manufacturing and design prowess in engineering plastics, with Ganter bringing expertise and precision in metal parts to deliver their unique product range. Together, they stock over 60,000 products with expansive onsite storage facilities to facilitate rapid order-fulfilment and distribution. In Australia, RCS Products supply a popular range of these high-tech components, with access to their full range for our customers.

Delivering the widest product range of standard machine elements for the mechanical industry, Elesa & Ganter’s highly reliable product range deliver on functionality and quality. Having collaborated for over 45 years in producing their unique designs, they have identified and taken advantage of synergies within the manufacturing industry to offer the widest product range in the world.

Strength and flexibility

Elesa & Ganter’s highly efficient stock management systems mean products are always available throughout their worldwide distribution network. The combination of plastic and metal equipment parts delivers:

Mechanical strength

Electrical insulation properties

Unique designs

Surface finish and cleanability

Thermal resistance

International standard compliance

Strength and surface hardness

Chemical agent, flame and UV ray resistance

With a customisation service available, customers are able to adapt products to suit special applications.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or view the complete Elesa & Ganter product range to assist your design engineer in selecting the most appropriate component to suit your production requirements.


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